About the project:

The project has been implemented with financial support of the UNHCR in Ukraine since 2013.

Goal of the project: to promote creation of effective asylum system in Ukraine; to provide access to free legal aid; to improve access to the territory of Ukraine for asylum seekers and to reduce the risk of forced return.

Positive changes in legislation were noted during the project implementation period; a situation with documentation of persons seeking protection is improved; significant improvement in work of courts in a field of refugees' rights protection is gained, a percentage of positive decisions is at least 40%. The migration service is open to cooperation.

Professional lawyers who provide legal assistance to those seeking protection and to persons who have already received such protection work in the project. Legal assistance is provided at all stages of obtaining the status, including from the moment of entering the territory of Ukraine. In particular, border monitoring is being done in close cooperation with the Border Service of Ukraine. A main goal of activities in this direction is to prevent cases of non-admission to the territory of Ukraine of persons seeking protection in Ukraine. Protection of rights is carried out using various mechanisms of rights protection - appeals to state structures with statements, complaints, etc., appeals to judicial authorities, including the European Court of Human Rights, and the use of other mechanisms.

It is possible to apply for help directly to the office at the address: Odesa, Heroiv Krut Street (Tereshkovoyi), 15, 5th floor, office № 501.

Reception days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
from 09:00 to 18:00,
from 13:00 to 14:00 – lunch break.

Phone:  (093) 662 85 24,  (048) 766 00 04

e-mail: [email protected]