74% of IDPs categorically do not allow the possibility of voluntary waiver of targeted assistance in favor of financing housing programs.

This result is shown by the analysis of the impact of targeted assistance on the welfare of IDPs, as well as their attitude to the possibility of redirecting these funds to long-term solutions, which was carried out by experts of the NGO "The Tenth of April".

Today, one of the most painful and still unresolved problems of IDPs is the problem of housing. The Government of Ukraine has already adopted a number of decisions and strategies to protect IDPs, in particular in the field of housing, but in practice, state assistance is manifested in the payment of targeted assistance for utilities and support for the Social Program "Affordable Housing", where 50% of costs are paid by the state and 50% are own contribution of the family. In addition, there are lending programs, in particular, at the local level with the support of local and regional budgets. All these steps are definitely needed, but as the experience of 7 years of actions in Eastern Ukraine, which has left more than a million Ukrainians homeless, shows, they are not effective enough. This is due, among other things, to the low level of funding for existing programs and the lack of material opportunities to create housing, including social facilities. Consequently, there is an urgent need to develop new long-term solutions for IDPs and to find alternative sources of funding.

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