Monitoring the observance of human rights

The organization regularly observes and records those processes in society that are in a field of professional interests. We are interested in both the legislation and how it is implemented or whether human rights are violated. We follow issues of migration, international protection, internally displaced persons, stateless persons and those at risk of statelessness. We monitor the situation with access to justice of vulnerable groups, such as persons with special needs, children, women, etc. We record human rights violations and respond by protecting and drawing attention to those. Meanwhile we are not limited to the range of issues mentioned above, as we try to respond to all in the field of human rights.

In monitoring, we involve both internal and external experts. Taking into account the specifics of monitoring mission, we develop its methodology. Together with stakeholders, both non-governmental and governmental, we prepare conclusions and recommendations with the aim of changing the situation for better with participation of those who make decisions.

We use facts collected during monitoring as the basis for advocacy campaigns.

As a result of monitoring, we publish research and analytical reports. All these materials are available on our website and on Internet resources of partners. We also distribute information in printed form.


The organization is engaged in research activities in a legal field. Yes, we do both field research and office research. We study the legislation and practice of both our state and others in order to develop recommendations for improving the situation in one or another area. Such studies are widely disseminated and can be used by a wide range of interested stakeholders, both national and international.


Our legal analysts and experts study new legislative and policy initiatives, as well as opportunities to improve current legislation and policy on issues of our interest.

Having extensive law enforcement practice, we identify directions for advocacy. In advocacy activities, we strive to involve representatives of communities to solve problems of which our advocacy company is directed.

For our part, we provide legal expertise and encourage society to take active actions. We work with mass media and social media bodies.

This is how we deal with existing stereotypes in society towards representatives of various population groups, in particular Roma. Advocacy companies are changing the way society treats Roma, and state structures that make legal decisions.

Based on the results of the analysis, we provide clarification of new legislation and develop proposals.

Our work includes conducting strategic legal cases that ultimately influence state rulemaking and bring about institutional change.